A unique artificial animal, completely tailor-made.

An artificial animal from De Koeierij is an enrichment for every company, farm or school. Do you already see an artificial cow standing on your exhibition stand? Or in the entrance of your care institution?

Are you curious about the costs of an artificial cow or one of our other artificial animals?

You can receive an offer, completely without obligation, for a tailor-made artificial animal. Make your choice, fill in your details and receive a price indication. We produce your artificial cow with greatest care, completely tailor-made!

An artificial cow is not only beautiful

This animal increases the ambiance and contributes to a strong brand experience. Because of his elegant appearance and the extensive possibilities to personalize an artificial cow you can really use it as an amplifier for your brand.

Next to its decorative function you can also use it as an educative tool. For example, what do you think of an artificial cow which can really be milked?

Painting Costs

One colour

from € 200

Multiple colours

from € 350